"Whisper" antiperspirant deodorant  cream

"Whisper" is a fine-textured, non-oily and non-sticky antiperspirant cream which delivers unique, highly efficient and long lasting antiperspirant action. It provides consumer desirable dry skin feel and leaves a low level of residue on the skin under normal usage conditions. Enriched with softening agent it is further characterized by extreme gentleness, delicate freshness, discreet, elegant fragrance and high skin tolerance. It contains no alcohol and does not stain fabric which might come in contact with.

Package: 50ml

Deodorant stick for women

Provides protection and natural freshness for at least 24h.
Suitable for gentle and  sensitive skin.

Package: 50ml

DCP Hemigal - Ina Bella krema, mleko, regenerator, antiperspirant