FITODEPIL Cold depilatory wax

FITODEPIL Cold depilatory wax is sugar wax made from 100% natural ingre-dients. It is quick and easy method of ensuring you have hair free skin for up to six weeks. Professional results can be achieved in as little as ten minutes, leaving your skin hydrated, soft and smooth. It cleans up so easily, just a warm wash cloth is all you need.
Package: 150g

FITODEPIL Depilatory cream

FITODEPIL Depilatory cream is made to painlessly, at the root, take off even the most stubborn body hair without any nicks, cuts or irritation. It leaves you silky smooth, sleek and sculptured. High quality formula ensures effective hair removal in 5 minutes, depending on the thickness of the hair. It can be used anywhere on the body to remove unwanted hair.
Package: 80ml

Hot depilatory wax

Waxing with Hot waxes like FITODEPIL is the preferred way of superfluous hair removal for many women. By removing hair at the root, from beneath the skin’s surface, waxing allows the skin to be hair-free and smooth for six to eight weeks at a time. Designed to ensure maximum grip of hair this product for home use will give professional results to produce totally hair-free skin.
Package: 75ml

Hair Removal Wax Strips

Hair Removal Wax Strips remove the hair from the roots and   allow you to achieve salon-quality results at home. Hair Removal Wax Strips are intended for  normal skin without damage and open sores. 

Calendula Oil sooths skin and speeds up the reduction of the redness  that is common side effect of  the use of wax strips.

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