Dry hand wash & disinfection gel

Dry hand wash & disinfection gel is for hand washing and disinfection without any need for soap and/or rinsing. It is fit for everyday cleansing & disinfection of hands, especially in cases where soap and water are out of reach, and where extraordinary disinfection demands exist: at work, travel, school, hospital visit, epidemiological outbreaks. It leaves the skin supple, moist and scented.
Usage: Put small amount of gel on a palm and thoroughly rub into hands with hand washing-like movements until they get dry.
Warning: Do not apply on skin lesions/open wounds. In case of preschool children usage, parental supervision is required. Keep away from sources of open fire.

Package: 70 ml, 500 ml & 1000ml

DCP Hemigal - Gel za dezinfekciju i „suvo“ pranje ruku bez upotrebe sapuna i potrebe za ispiranjem