Anti-Cellulite Gel

Anti-cellulite Gel represents enhanced, efficient formula which utilizes strong effects of synergetic combination of caffeine and ginger, horse chestnut, rosemary and ivy extracts. This system gives rise to the rate of cellular metabolism and therefore, lowers the subcutaneous fat pool, renews microcirculation, reoxygenates the tissue and promotes cellular waste product elimination. In order to diminish the uneven, “orange peel” appearance of the skin, there is a need for continuous, daily application.

Package: 150ml i 250 ml


Bioactive Anti-cellulite massage oil

Bioactive Anti-cellulite massage oil is a product of marked efficacy which combines effects of aromatherapy with the effects of ivy extract. It relaxes the body, lessens the consequences of everyday stress, and diminishes the uneven, “orange peel” apperance of the skin. High activity of this product can be perceived by the sensation of gentle warming and mild stinging after application - implication of successful improvement of peripheral microcirculation. In order to achieve these effects, there is a need for a continuous, daily massage.

Package: 150ml

DCP Hemigal - Anticelulit program