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Calendula cream

Calendula (Marigold) cream is intended for care and protection of all skin types, especially dry, sensitive and irritated skin. The cream contains calendula extract, which along with vitamin E and panthenol sooths, regenerates and heals skin. Other components contribute to strong moisturizing of the skin making it velvety soft and shiny. Does not leave fatty layer upon application so it can be used on all areas of the body. Does not contain parabens.

Package: 150ml

Pavlogal® baby shampoo

Pavlogal® baby shampoo, with chamomile and panthenol  extracts, is an extra mild formula for completely hair cleaning using very rich foam, without head’s skin drying, and with no irritation of the eyes and the mouth’s mucosal, too. Thanks to the extracts of chamomile and panthenol, hair looks healthy, silky and shiny, after each using of this shampoo. This product is PARABEN FREE.

Package: 200ml

Pavlogal® baby bath

Pavlogal® baby bath, with the extracts of chamomile, panthenol  and allantoin, is an extra mild formula for baby bathing, which completely clean soft, baby’s  skin  without drying and irritation of the eyes and the mouth’s mucosal, too. Thanks to the extracts of chamomile, panthenol and allantoin, the skin looks healthy and smooth. These extracts act preventively on inflammation of baby’s skin. This product is PARABEN FREE.

Package: 200ml

Pavlogal® baby oil

Pavlogal®  baby oil can be used for cleaning and hydration of the sensitive baby’s skin, especially on the places with residues of baby powder and cream. It prevents skin drying and development of the inflammation and rashes. It can be used for baby massage, too. 

Optimal ingredients of this product make it be a very efficient make-up remover.

Package: 200ml

ELIOT Collection

An intensive, non-greasy lotion for normal and razor sensitive skin. Specially formulated to provide expressive moisture, softness and comfort of shaved skin, making it smooth and shiny. It contains hamamelis extract and allantoin useful for caring of shaving cuts and razor burn.

Delicately scented, leaves skin gentle and well protected with light cooling sensation.

Baby spray

Baby spray with zinc oxide contains significant concentration of zinc oxide which protects and soothes delicate baby skin from nappy rash; Calendula oil and allantoin, strong anti-inflammatories to facilitate healing of the irritation together with panthenol; Almond oil as a fine emollient and vitamin E as a free radical scavenger and an excellent moisturizer. Spray is very easy to apply, after which it creates non-greasy, moisturizing barrier to help prevent further irritation.

Instruction for use:

For effective prevention and relief from nappy rash, apply to freshly washed and dried skin twice daily (or more, as required). In the newborn, repeat application at every nappy change. In case of hypersensitivity, discontinue use. 

Package: 150ml